Our Team

Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, DPT


Katie Manser, MSc

VP of Research Operations

Matt Trost

Research Assistant

Nichole Cedillo

Office Manager

Andrew Hahn, MSc


Hannah Edwards, MSc

Research Assistant

Nicole Del Rosario

Research Assistant

Clayton Preston

Data Analytics and Python Programming

Stuart Jenkins
Founder at BLUMAKA
"I think I have introduced 6 to 10 customers to Heelux and every single one has come back and thanked me.  In the world of footwear labs its like moving from black and white to color TV."
"We learned so much throughout the process and were able to make product improvements from our learnings that we would have never found through the “normal” wear test and product testing procedures. I highly recommend Heeluxe if you are looking to build the best footwear possible for your customer."
Jennifer Hutchison
"The SmartLast technology really gives us a way to help understand the perceived fit of a shoe by quantifying the upper pressure.  This gives us the ability to focus and fine tune upper fit."
Chris Kvamme
Manager Product Testing | Columbia Sportswear Company
AJ Andrassy
GM Performance Running & Innovation for Asics
"Our design and development team confidently make decisions to improve our shoe's performance with Heeluxe's reports. Their database lets us see how products improve with every update."
"Every study we have run with Heeluxe has made us a smarter, better product. We would not be here today without the Heeluxe team."
Haley Pavone
Founder & CEO at Pashion Footwear

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