Our Testing Philosophy

Our unparalleled service is based on the "3 Pillars of Better Shoes"


Finding a comfortable pair of shoes can sometimes feel like a never-ending search. That's exactly why we're dedicated to testing for comfort every step of the way (no pun intended).


We don't just want your customer's feet to feel great right out of the box, we want them to feel great for as long as possible. That means testing each shoe to the max, making sure it can stand up to all the adventures life throws their way.

Competitor Analysis

We take a deep dive into each company that partners with us, figuring out what they're doing well and where they could improve.  We help our partners stay ahead of the game and continue to create shoes that people love to wear.  We're serious about shoes, but we know how to have fun too

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Our Timeline

We understand the importance of accurate and reliable insights into how shoes interact with the wearer's foot we also know the importance of providing quality work fast. That's why you won't have to wait long for these game-changing results. We'll have them for you in just two weeks or less!

Step One

Footwear brand contacts Heeluxe to inquire about testing their product.

Step Two

Heeluxe provides footwear brand with several options for research studies, designed to fit their needs and budget.

Step Three

Footwear brand agrees to research proposal and ships their product to Heeluxe. We take care of everything else!

Step Four

Heeluxe recruits testers that match footwear brand's target customers, orders competitor shoes, and tests shoes at our cutting edge lab.

Step Five

2 weeks or less following delivery of your test shoes

Step Six

Heeluxe presents you with a beautiful video and print report explaining the strengths of your product and providing recommendations on how to improve its' weaknesses.

Testing Systems

Shoe Fit


Impact (ASTM F1976)





The Heeluxe Promise

If your footwear product needs improvement, we’ll analyze it.
If you need a new test machine, we’ll build it.
If you need a way to market a shoe, we’ll find it.
And we will do it all in two weeks or less with a caring human touch.

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